Posts from November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

November 26, 2014
This view of Mount McKinley is one of the many things for which we're thankful. Each morning on my drive to work, I get the opportunity to see the Chugach Mountains, with Pioneer Peak standing tall over the Matanuska Valley. In the summer, I get to go hiking, rafting and fishing in one of the most...

Going small

November 21, 2014
Next week is Thanksgiving, but according to every television commercial you see lately, it seems the only holiday being talked about is "Black Friday," which is unfortunate in my mind. Nothing says "materialism" quite like overlooking one of the best holidays to spend with family and friends, and...

Light the night

November 14, 2014
Photo courtesy of Dora Miller (, In Alaska, the winters can get long, and for many of us, it's not the cold and the snow that seems to drag on, it's the darkness. That's why when the northern lights come out and dance their magical steps across...