Fall can be a great time in the Mat-Su Valley - berry picking, great autumn colors, brisk hikes. But ask any angler about fall, and they'll tell you one thing: It's a fantastic time for rainbow trout fishing.

Trout tend to gorge right before freeze-up, making this the ideal time to grab a fly rod and head out to a local creek, such as Willow Creek, Little Willow Creek or some of the tributaries of the Talkeetna River. They bite on egg and flesh patterns this time of year - like us, they are getting ready for a long winter. Make sure you dress warm however, as fall can be unpredictable when it comes to weather. Nothing beats a Thermos of hot chocolate on the banks of a Valley creek in the fall!

The great thing about trout fishing in the Mat-Su Valley is accessibility. The lakes provide excellent Stillwater fishing this time of year, and many are road accessible. Many of the creeks and rivers are also accessible via the Parks Highway. For better luck - and to avoid the crowds - you can hire a guide who knows exactly where the fish are, and what they are biting on. Getting there can be half the fun this time of year, as the colors abound with greens and golds.

Fishing remains good right up until the creeks ice up. When that happens is anybody's guess. Here's one guy who hopes it isn't for a while.