The Mat-Su Valley is a winter wonderland for snowmachiners – “snowmobilers” for our friends from the Lower 48 – with trails shooting in every direction. Even with less than ideal temperatures this winter, there are still ample opportunities to get out and enjoy the snow in the upper portion of the two Valleys.

It can be intimidating for those who don’t own a snowmachine, or are unfamiliar with the area. That’s why, if you are just getting into the sport for the first time, it may be advisable to go on a guided trip or rent a machine the first couple of times.

The Valley is one the most popular destination for snowmachiners in the state. From Big Lake to Hatcher Pass, Petersville to Denali Park, and Lake Louise and Eureka in the northeastern part of our vast borough, you will find residents and visitors embracing winter with their helmets, mittens and hand warmers to the fullest.

Willow and Talkeetna have trails galore. Past Talkeetna, Petersville and Trapper Creek offer a winter wonderland for snowmachiners. There are several lodges in the area that have affordable overnight rates if you want to make it a weekend adventure.

Headed the other direction on the Glenn Highway, there are plenty of spots from which to head out. After passing Chickaloon and Sutton, Sheep Mountain is an ideal destination if the snow warrants. A bit further north, Eureka and Lake Louise get an ample amount of snow, and both locations have plenty of trails to satisfy a weekend trip.

Given the odd weather the Mat-Su Valley has experience, make sure to call ahead to see if the areas you are interested in are still viable for a snowmachine outing, and remember to always respect private property. Happy trails!