For many, the journey is just as important as the destination, and RVing to Alaska is a bucket list trip that can seem imposing to plan at first. Thanks to an online company founded by a Mat-Su husband and wife team, however, planning has never been easier.

Stacey and Gary Quimby founded RVing to Alaska on Facebook in 2017, when they were planning their RV trip to Alaska. They started an "RVing to Alaska 2017" group for anyone who wanted to follow along on their adventures. They posted about hikes they did, campgrounds and more, and people started sharing their tips and tricks, as the group grew to 600 people. In 2018, someone else started a similar group, and Stacey served as the moderator. Fast forward a few years, and now the Quimbys live in Alaska and have nearly 3.700 active members on "RVing to Alaska - Original" which is a closed Facebook group offering expert advice.

"I have a team of 10 volunteers who help me moderate it. We vet every single person who wants to join. I put up tips every Monday, and people can post where they are leaving, routes they are taking through Canada and throughout Alaska. Every post is monitored and approved before it goes up, so it's factual, correct and on topic. We also put out videos of tours we do in Alaska," Stacey Quimby said.

The Quimbys have developed quite a social media following for their two companies, RVing to Alaska and Pau Hana Travels. They're combining the two and have nearly 45,000 followers who are looking for RVing advice, including more than 10,000 YouTube subscribers. They tailor the content on an October-October timeline. "In October, people are starting to plan for the following year, or they are just finishing up their summer trip, so that's when I hit the reset button," Stacey said.

RVing to Alaska also hosts one RV rally each summer, and 2023 marks the third one. It will be at Tolsona Wilderness Campground at Mile 173 Glenn Highway July 9-13. It features a catered dinner and live music, nightly happy hours and campfires, group potlucks, movie nights, food trucks and other family-friendly events. "It's amazing how many friendships are formed at campgrounds."

This year is already shaping up to be a busy summer. "We already have quite a few members on the road to Alaska this summer," she said.

RVing to Alaska has a small merchandise store online including bumper stickers for RVs that are customized each year. You can find them at, via e-mail at and by phone at (907) 521-8282.