You can file it under "Only in Alaska" - this Saturday in Talkeetna women will compete by carrying water buckets, chopping wood and riding a snowmobile for the coveted title of "Wilderness Woman."

In the first stage, women race down Main Street with an empty 5-gallon bucket, fill it and then race back to the starting line, toting the heavy bucket all the way. Then, in the second stage, women have to prepare a sandwich for their waiting bachelor, and then put on snowshoes, shoot a (fake) ptarmigan, saw a log, catch a salmon and evade mock wildlife.  Those still alive in the competition then make it to the final round, which tests their snowmobile (snowmachine, if you are Alaskan) skills. The women must fill a sled with firewood and tow it around town without spilling it, ultimately adding it to the bonfire that is keeping the bachelor warm. Then, and only then, is the true Wilderness Woman crowned. The event brings out a lot of laughs, for sure!

The sign-up is at 11 a.m. Saturday, with the start of the competition slated for 1 p.m.

That evening, the men take center stage for the famous Bachelor Auction. Ladies 21 and older fill the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar for the auction, where Talkeetna's finest eligible men try to impress the crowd with the talents and good looks. The bachelors are auctioned off - winning bidders are entitled to a photo, a dance and a drink - with all of the money going to Talkeetna-area charities. Following the auction the Bachelor Ball opens its doors for a night of revelry.

You won't find such a unique event anywhere else - so make sure you get to Talkeetna this weekend, and bring your sense of humor!