Recently, the Mat-Su CVB put together a new 30-second high-definition television commercial promoting our area, just north of Anchorage all the way to Denali National Park. That sounds easy to do, right? Well, boiling down 23,000 square miles worth of incredible sights and scenes into 30 seconds can be a bit of a challenge.

We could have highlighted fishing - with hundreds of lakes and countless miles of rivers, we could have show you images of people outfitting their tackle boxes, heading out from the boat landing, fly casting on a meandering river in the shadow of Mount McKinley. And of course, what could better summarize a successful fishing trip than a fantastic dinner of fresh caught salmon? That sounds like a great plan - except for the fact it probably took you at least 15 seconds to read that, cutting the available time in half.

We could have focused on the exceptional hiking in the area, too. We would have used images from the Butte, near Palmer, or perhaps Matanuska Peak. Or, some of the incredible hiking opportunities in Denali State Park, including near Kesugi Ridge, where a new South Denali Visitor Center project is under way.

Or perhaps flightseeing. Awe-inspiring views of Mount McKinley from the comfort of your plan seat make for great video, but would we just show the peak? Because we also could show the emotional responses of people when they make that glacier landing, 10,000 feet above the world, on a glacier in the Alaska Range. The experience is rated as one of the best from visitors, so it didn't seem fair to boil that down to a simple 30-second clip.

Thirty seconds would even begin to highlight some of the fun summer events in the Mat-Su Valley, including Palmer's Colony Days and the Alaska State Fair. But they are a big reason why people visit. Another option would have been to highlight the great lodges where visitors can relax, drink a glass of wine and revel in the majestic Midnight Sun.

It would have been great to dedicate the 30 seconds to the rich agricultural history of the area - where 130-pound cabbages thrive, where a majority of the Alaska Grown vegetables are planted, and where the farm fresh vegetables served in outstanding restaurants around the state are harvested.

We opted to do a little bit of everything, as you can see in the video above. Let us know what you think. I know what I think - I think they gave me 30 seconds, but I could have used 30 minutes.