An Enemy of the People

  • 251 W. Swanson Ave.
  • Wasilla, AK
  • Dates vary
  • Price: $23

American playwright Arthur Miller’s provocative and surprisingly timely adaptation of Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen’s incendiary drama about a reluctant whistleblower whose valiant efforts to warn his fellow citizens about a threat to their health result in his being branded as a pariah. A small Norwegian town has just begun to win fame and wealth through its medicinal spring waters. Dr. Stockmann, resident physician in charge, discovers that the waters are poisoned. On receiving proof of this, he immediately reports to his associates. When his brother, the mayor, conspires with local politicians and the newspaper to suppress the story, Stockmann appeals to the public – only to be shouted down and reviled as “an enemy of the people”. Ibsen’s explosive play reveals his distrust of politicians and the blindly held prejudices of the ‘solid majority’..


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