Beer Trippin' Weekend

Denali Brewing Company (DBC) is inviting Great Northern Brewing Club members and all brewers to join them for a weekend of beer, brewing, camaraderie and fun. This event is all about homebrewing and homebrewers. This is not a traditional beer festival. GNBC will be hosting the Equinox Mead and Cider Competition.

Denali has reworked the schedule of events this year and added some noteworthy opportunities. First, DBC is brewing a wort, which they’ll be providing to GNBC members. This post-boil wort is yours to finish. Try any combination of hops or yeasts to come up with your own brew. It is the expectation that if you receive wort from DBC, you bring your creation to the May GNBC meeting. Denali Brewing will be attending and eagerly sampling your brews. You’ll have to be in Talkeetna for Beer Trippin’ to collect the wort into your own sanitized vessel(s). Also, the wort is only available if you RSVP for it with Mike Cragen at: Specific details are still being hammered out and will be updated here as soon as they become available.
Finally, this is a family-friendly event. Bring the wife, husband, kids, dogs, and hamsters – there’s fun to be had by all! Although there’s plenty of accommodation options in Talkeetna, be sure to book soon so your favorite places don’t get snagged away from you