Susitna Sled Dog Adventures

Located in Talkeetna Alaska, Susitna Sled Dog Adventures is home to a family of 22 happy huskies, and their humans, Rohn and Alyssa Buser. Come visit us on a private tour and learn about our lives with 22 amazing athletes. Learn about the loving and hardy sled dog breeds we have here, Alaskan and Siberian huskies, and why they excel as sled dogs. Get to know each of their fun personalities, as we tell you stories of where they each came from and the fun adventures we have had with them. After you meet the dogs it's off on a sled, or in the summer an easy stroll through the birch and spruce forest. After your tour spend time petting the dogs as they run free in the yard. The dogs of Susuitna Sled Dog Adventures are more than working dogs, they are our family. We love sharing their passion with others and hope you leave our home filled with as much admiration and respect for these amazing animals as we are. We offer a Dog Sled Tour in the Winter, and a Kennel Tour and Dog Walk in the Summer.