Trapper Creek & Petersville

North of Talkeetna, along the Parks Highway heading toward Denali, you arrive in the small town of Trapper Creek. The town lies between Mile 107 and 133 of the George Parks Highway (Hwy. 3) and was a Dena'ina Athabascan Native Alaskan territory.

Serving as the southern gateway to Denali Park, Trapper Creek offers year-round lodging, dining, services and a museum. For the explorer, the Petersville Road extends nearly 40 miles from Trapper Creek into the Dutch Hills offering spectacular views of Denali and the entire Alaska Range.

The landscape inspired famous Alaskan artist Sydney Laurence to paint his canvas from this vantage point. The scenic gravel road is ideal for mountain biking or snowmobiling. (In the summer 4-Wheel drive vehicles are recommended after first 10 miles. Check with rental car policies to see if you are permitted to travel on this road.)

Petersville: Snowmobiles & Winter Recreation

West of Trapper Creek is Petersville, a winter snowmobile paradise in the winter. Petersville has groomed trails and backcountry adventures awaiting at every turn in the trail.

While the year-round population of Petersville is listed at 4, there are hundreds of private recreational cabins accessible only by snowmobile, and several roadhouses that serve meals and offer lodging to guests. Visitors can rent snowmobiles and explore the area. Don't worry about getting lost by hiring one of the many snowmobile guides for a trip to Petersville - they have all the equipment you'll need, including the snowmobiles.

Popular trails include the East-West Expressway Trail, Safari Lake, the Tokositna Trail and the Chulitna Bluff Trail.