Talkeetna Winterfest

Throughout the month of December, the small town of Talkeetna celebrates all things winter. The event gets off to a roaring start, as the Wilderness Woman competition and the famous Talkeetna Bachelor Auction take place the first weekend of December. In the Wilderness Woman competition, women compete by hauling 5-gallon buckets of water up and down Main Street, try their hand at chopping wood and driving a snowmobile around town and show why they are considered the true Wilderness Woman. Then, that evening, the quirky Talkeetna bachelors are auctioned off to the single women in attendance, for a drink and a dance at the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar. This rowdy affair raises money for social services and student organizations in the community. Other Talkeetna Winterfest events include the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, a motorized parade of lights through downtown and the Taste of Talkeetna, a progressive dinner that highlights the town’s amazing restaurants.