Fat tire biking in the Mat-Su

One of the fastest growing trends in outdoor recreation is fat tire biking, and the Mat-Su Valley is one of the best places in Alaska to enjoy it! With views of glaciers, mountains and wilderness surrounding you, the Mat-Su Valley is becoming one of the most popular places in Alaska to enjoy this sport.

Fat tire bikes are exactly what they sound like - basically, mountain bikes with oversized front and rear tires, which allow riders to easily traverse snow and ice, making it the ideal winter hobby. In essence, the oversized tires provide more contact with the surface, acting much like a snowshoe does for a hiker. The added surface contact prevents the tires from slipping on ice, and prevents the bike from sinking in the snow. The bikes are popular in the summer as well, as they handle rough terrain with ease.

In the Mat-Su Valley, the Knik Glacier area has become one of the most popular fat tire biking locations in Alaska. Other popular spots include the Sheep Mountain area along the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway, Hatcher Pass, Denali State Park and virtually anywhere trails take you in the backcountry.

Grab a fat tire bike and head out on the trail for awe-inspiring views as you pedal your way to a fun afternoon!

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