This weekend, there will be HOGS everywhere in the Mat-Su Valley, as the Harley Owners Group is hosting the 25th anniversary Last Frontier Rally here.

More than 150 Harley owners are expected to attend this year's Last Frontier Rally, organizers said. They aren't just local riders, either - several attendees are riding their Harleys from the Lower 48 just to attend this year's rally. The Mat-Su Valley will be buzzing with motorcycles all weekend.

The Harley Owners Group is a national organization of people who own Harley-Davidson motorcycles, with local chapters organized at state and local levels. Rallies are held in communities and riders from thousands of miles away travel to attend them. 

As part of the event, rides are planned throughout the area, showcasing the vastness of Alaska as well as seeing the natural beauty and resources. During the evenings, the group will be at the Tug Bar and Campgrounds for social events including live entertainment, a bonfire and more. The event is only open to those who have registered, however.