We all need something to look forward to again. And nothing is more exciting than planning that next perfect getaway. The one that can’t get here soon enough. Because the journey begins the moment we decide to go somewhere. Anywhere. It’s time to feel that feeling once again. Let’s get inspired. And aim for the destination that will feel like no other - the Mat-Su Valley.

The Let's Go There campaign, conducted by the U.S. Travel Association and destinations and travel brands around the country, wants travelers to know that when the time is right for travel, we'll be ready. We look forward to welcoming visitors back once again, when it's safe for both the visitors and our communities. It may not be now. But it will be once again.

A big part of the travel experience is the planning phase, which you can do right now. You may not have an exact date, but you don't have to stop dreaming about your visit. Be inspired by videos that highlight various locations and activities in the Mat-Su Valley - from flightseeing to glacier trekking. Look forward to seeing Denali dominate the skyline in Talkeetna. The Mat-Su Valley is the ideal base camp for an Alaska getaway - whether you are coming from miles down the road or across the country. Just an hour north of Anchorage and extending all the way to Denali National Park, adventure is around every corner.

Let's Go There. When it's time for you, we'll be ready.