January 28 is officially Plan for Vacation Day, and a reminder that more than half of all Americans don't use their vacation time.

The US Travel Association reports that Americans who take vacations report they are happier with their job, company, relationships and health. The organization has deemed January 28 as Plan for Vacation Day to encourage people to commit your days off for the rest of the year.

In 2018, 768 million vacation days were left unused by Americans, up from 705 million in 2017. Why? Nearly half of American households said they didn't plan ahead, and days were left unused. Yet, 86 percent of Americans surveyed said they wanted to use their paid time off to travel. Don't make that mistake in 2020 - plan ahead.

Make 2020 the year you visit Alaska, or as an Alaskan, you commit to getting out and exploring your own back yard. Take time to trek on Matanuska Glacier, or spend a day hiking in Denali State Park. Use your time to experience things people only dream about. It will inspire and refresh you - and that pile of paperwork on your desk will still be there when you return!