Untold Stories, hosted by the Palmer Museum of History and Art, kicks off its 2021 series on April 9 with "A Pleasant Surprise."

The online event features five Palmer storytellers and four Palmer artists presenting their tales on the theme, “A Pleasant Surprise: Stories of grace, love, and the beauty found in each other during a pandemic.” These stories are part of an ongoing process to document the pandemic’s effect on our community. 

Untold Stories brings Valley storytellers together for tall tales and memories of growing up on the Last Frontier. The in-person events have proven to be very popular, and the series shifted to online presentations during the pandemic.

The event is molded after the popular Arctic Entries event in Anchorage. During each performance, storytellers each have a brief time to tell their story centered around a specific theme. 

Potential storytellers are invited to submit their stories and theme ideas through the Palmer Museum web site in advance of scheduled performance. Submissions are then evaluated by a storyboard that selects them to create the best possible show.

The April 9 event is being held via Zoom. The passcode is Untold using this link to join at 6 p.m. on April 9.