Right now, it's time to stay home, be safe and stay healthy. But that doesn't mean you don't have the opportunity to virtually visit, particularly at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer.

Every Thursday, the farm is hosting a Facebook Live event at 11 a.m. Alaska time. Viewers tune in and are treated to a virtual tour of the farm. Last week, viewers met the "moms to be" at the farm. The Facebook Live event is also a great way to learn more about the farm, as the knowledgeable staff takes questions in the comments section and provides answers.

"People can't visit the farm right now physically, we understand that. So we are taking the farm to them," said Mark Austin, the farm's director. "It's a way for us to stay connected, while still being distant."

After the Facebook Live ends, the video lives on the farm's Facebook page, so even if you miss it live, you can always go back and view it later.

Of course, being able to virtually visit the farm is a great opportunity, but unfortunately, it doesn't help bring money into the door of the farm. Like many Alaska tourism businesses, the current conditions are providing hardships. The Musk Ox Farm has always relied on a strong summer visitor season to help support the herd, and provide the money to operate the farm. With that in question this summer, the farm has launched a new #HelpTheHerd fund-raising campaign. The #HelpTheHerd campaign will raise funds to keep the herd of 80 musk oxen healthy and happily fed; provide adequate care to the new calves arriving in spring, as they require vaccinations and special calf feed to make sure they grow healthy and strong; continue to keep operations running smoothly, including farm maintenance and paying the amazing team of staff members who are working tirelessly to make the farm a possibility; and continue to implement educational programming to local, national, and international communities by building the necessary virtual infrastructure needed to connect people like never before. You can learn more at the farm's web site.

Tune in on Thursdays to virtually visit the Musk Ox Farm, and consider making a donation so that you'll be able to physically visit it in the future!