When a community hosts tractor pulls, farmers markets, and a Colony Days celebration commemorating its agricultural beginnings, you'd be right to assume that farming is a pretty big deal there. Just in case you still have any doubt, however, the town of Palmer has found a way to put its agricultural roots on full display in true farm fashion.

Drive Your Tractor to Work Day started when a lone Division of Agriculture employee chose to raise awareness for Alaska farming by, you guessed it, driving his tractor to work. It caught on, too. Now, every spring farmers and tractor enthusiasts gather to parade their cherry red or John Deere green iron work horses into the heart of Palmer in celebration of the region's rich agricultural heritage. Families line the walkways outside of Palmer's shopping boutiques and restaurants to give their smiling children a glimpse of the crop-cultivating cavalcade.

If you find yourself in the quaint town of Palmer in early May, plan to catch this heartwarming parade of tractors. And to taste the bounty these beloved machines bring in each year, stay afterwards for a fresh farm-to-table dining experience. Palmer is known for its restaurants that serve locally sourced foods. In fact, you could make a full day of this special event by taking a tour of one of the area's unique farms. Just outside of Palmer is the Musk Ox Farm or the Reindeer Farm and both are excellent options for an agricultural tour in early May.

Drive Your Tractor to Work Day is sure to be around for many years. Don't miss it. Come for the tractors and stay for the sights and flavors of Palmer!